Reliable Optics is the worst lab in history

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Reliable Optics may be the most Un-Reliable wholesale optical laboratory I have encountered in my twenty-five years in the industry.

7-10 days for simple orders, Low Quality, and Empty Promises are the acceptable standard at this Brooklyn, NY facility.

Feel free to contact Al with any problems and he will promise to correct his companies mistakes. The problem with Al is any time his lips are moving he is lying.The poor staff must make excuses for the way the company is operated.

Do yourself a favor and keep looking for another wholesale lab, as Reliable will simply cause disappointment and frustration.

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Bangor, Pennsylvania, United States #1277107

I agree gave the a try jobs took for ever to come back , they lost the frame al promised they would go out that night numerous times they never did and refused to call back to speak to me. never again.

to Anonymous Bangor, Pennsylvania, United States #1277377

Al took care of my issues and i now am pleased will stay a customer thank you AL, sorry for my first letter.


I've been working with At at Reliable Optics for over a year and find him to be honest, reliable, and only trying his best to be helpful.The writer of these rantings is a crazy person who probably pushed Al to the limit.

You too would be crazy to let this guy influence your decision to do business with Reliable Optics.


I won't sugarcoat this letter. This is a very bitter letter. Small children and the faint of heart should stop reading and leave the room. Let us note first of all that now that I've been exposed to Al from Reliable Optical's personal attacks I must admit that I don't completely understand them. Perhaps I need to get out more. Or perhaps I indubitably dislike Al from Reliable Optical. Likes or dislikes, however, are irrelevant to observed facts, such as that I must ask that Al from Reliable Optical's vassals lend a helping hand. I know they'll never do that so here's an alternate proposal: They should, at the very least, back off and quit trying to turn positions of leadership into positions of complacency.

Today, we might have let Al from Reliable Optical impose ideology, control thought, and punish virtually any behavior it disapproves of. Tomorrow, we won't. Instead, we will get the facts out in the hope that somebody will do something to solve the problem.

Al from Reliable Optical is right about one thing, namely that fear is what motivates us. Fear of what it means when depraved spivs lead to the destruction of the human race. Fear of what it says about our society when we teach our children that individual worth is defined by race, ethnicity, religion, or national origin. And fear of unbridled pedants like Al from Reliable Optical who squeeze every last drop of blood from our overworked, overtaxed bodies. I hardly need to tell you that the time is...

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Johnny is Als newest puppet.Reliable Optics is good at many things.

Lying, poor quality, poor service but fast service certainly doesn't sound correct.

Sorry Johny!Say hi to lying Al for me.


These guys are awesome,they did my order in one day.

Great quality!!1


Don't pressure lying Al to deliver work in a timely fashion. He just can't get a pair of lenses shipped in less than seven days. POOR QUALITY, POOR SERVICE.


Roberta works for Reliable Optics and is a puppet for Lying AL.

More lies!! The customer is always wrong says Roberta


I have used Reliable Optics for YEARS without issue, so maybe it was YOUR approach that was the problem


Reliable is the worst I ever saw.Bad lenses.

Bad service.Al is full of $hit 8)


Reliable Optics is Un-Reliable. Call lying Al with all of your needs or simply go elsewhere


Reliable Optics is a joke. Save your sanity and look elsewhere for a lab.


Don't use reliable optics :?


10 days for scratched lenses. I stopped using them months ago

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